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Photography Workshop in Amsterdam

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This experience is perfect for beginners in photography who want to think out of the box, improve their photography skills & creativity. You’ll explore and discover curiosities about Amsterdam, how to choose the right angles, set a perfect composition like a professional photographer. At the end of the experience I will show you my best mobile apps to use, camera lens, Lightroom & Photoshop tips!

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Book a Photography Workshop in Amsterdam and create cool photos of your next trip!

If you are looking for that local friend and want to learn how to shoot in a creative way your Amsterdam adventure with your mobile or camera – I’m your Amsterdam Photographer! I’ve accompanied more than 800 people from 85 different countries in Amsterdam. I speak fluently English, French & Spanish, and basic Dutch!

What you will learn

With the help of this Photowalk Workshop in Amsterdam, you can learn more about your camera and push yourself outside of your comfort zone. It’s time to say goodbye to the automatic mode! In this Amsterdam-based Photowalk Workshop, you will learn how to get the most from your camera by understanding the basics of photography.  You are not just going to learn theory in this Photowalk Workshop. You will also have the opportunity to put that theory into practice.  Take control of your camera and get the results you want!

  • Learn how to use your camera in manual mode and feel confident doing so.

  • Get an understanding of how your camera settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, can be used to get the exposure that you want.

  • Discover how composition techniques can transform your photography and make it more visually appealing and engaging. In this Photowalk Workshop, you will learn about the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, and other compositional principles.

    Learn how to add depth and interest to your photographs by using different perspectives, such as bird’s eye views, worm’s eyes, and close-ups.

  • Find out how to capture a narrative in their photos, using elements such as context, background, and subject to tell a visual story.

  • Control the depth of field and movement of your images

  • Find out how to handle situations such as bright light and low light, including night photography.

  • Build your portfolio.

  • Cityscape photography: Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, historic buildings, and charming streets. You will learn how capture the city’s essence!

  • A guide to taking your own self-portraits.

If you have any questions about photography, trouble setting up your camera, or would like a more customised photowalk, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Currently, we do not offer mentoring sessions to photographers, but we are working hard to make it happen!

Why should you book this Photography Workshop in Amsterdam?


Explore Amsterdam’s streets and iconic locations. Discover hidden gems, canals, and bridges that make this city magical through the eyes of a local photographer.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, this workshop can help you enhance your photography skills.You can learn from a professional photographer who can provide guidance, feedback, and tips to help you improve your photos. You will discover how camera settings, such as aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, can be used to obtain the exposure you desire and capture creative shots in the city, different types of angles, perspectives, and lots of tricks!


It will help you become more confident when you are using your camera, and you will also learn new tricks when you take pictures with your mobile phone! Whenever you have a question about photography or a difficulty with setting up your camera, do not hesitate to ask me. It is highly recommended that you send me an email before the Workshop letting me know all your questions, things you would like to learn, etc so I can prepare them all in time.


On my way to the next spot, I will explain to you some of the history and curiosities of Amsterdam as well as some fun facts that happened to me during my stay. During your return journey home you will be able to learn a lot about the history of this crazy city!


Forget about the awkward moment when you are asking a stranger to take pictures of you! You will have the opportunity to work with a professional photographer who knows how to find the right angles quickly and create a beautiful photo composition combined with a nice background! Within seven days, you will receive four priceless photos selected by you as a reminder of your trip to Amsterdam! Additional photos can also be purchased if desired.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to the most frequent questions that I receive daily as a professional photographer!


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