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Event Photography

Let’s make your event a memorable experience! 

Receive an estimate within hours.

Professional Photography for Corporate, Institutional, Congress, Private Events, and Festivals in The Netherlands

This event occurs only once in a lifetime, and you worked hard to organize and plan it. We understand that the visual representation of it must be astounding!


Most events require a lot of time, effort, and financial investment on the part of the organizers. Inaugurations, conventions, press conferences, team-building exercises, product presentations, trade shows, receptions, training, many highlights in an entity’s history that deserve to be immortalized.


I am a fun and friendly person and I will add value to any event or function! My experience as an event photographer in The Netherlands has ranged from private parties and birthdays, crowded nightclubs, festivals, award ceremonies, launch parties, corporate events, congress, and PR for clients such as: Airbnb, Licor 43, Ron Legendario, Eleanor Wine Academy,  Hotel NH Collection Amsterdam Barbizon Palace…






1. Get your estimate within a few hours

To get started, you only have to complete this Briefing Questionnaire!

2. Reserve your spot on our website

Booking Event Photography through our website is easy, fast, and secure. It'll take you 3 minutes!

3. We retouch your photos

Delivery rush is included with Event Photography. Within 3 days, your photos will be retouched!

4. Scale your new content!

Use your brand's content for your web page, social media, marketing, and so on.

Stand Out With  High-Quality Visuals

Professionally right done hotel images are costly but they will pay for themselves many times over. With stunning hotel images more guests will be attracted to the hotel and increase the revenue.

We are proud of all companies we work with

If you are ready to make a booking (or if you have additional questions first), please contact me. Whether we talk through emails or find time over the phone, I’ll be happy to answer any questions, discuss your ideas for a location and what you’re looking for in the session, and see if we’d be a good match!
Additional hours shooting:

€80 per half hour (excl. VAT)

€160 per hour (excl. VAT)

Weekends or public holidays fee

Normally, I don’t shoot on weekends or public holidays to maintain a good work-life balance and give my best on each shoot. Because of this, I am not always able to shoot, but occasionally I’m happy to shoot on the weekends or public holidays if you can’t make it during the week. Occasionally, I shoot for events, commercial shoots, or clients who can’t shoot during the week. I am available Saturday or Sunday when it works best for the client, but I recommend shooting early in the morning because there may be more people or tourists around in some locations. 

To shoot on the weekend has a 50% extra fee of each hour shooting which is;

40€ per half hour (excl. VAT)

80€ per 1 hour (excl. VAT)

The weekend fee will be calculated by the hours shooting in the package. After the photoshoot booking has been made, a customised link named “Weekend or public holidays fee” will be sent to the client.

Additional retouched images:

€18 each (excl. VAT)

Travel Fee:

Extra fees may apply outside Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Hilversum.

Outside the Netherlands – to be determined.

Photographer in Amsterdam Polaroid

Ready to book event photography?

Ensure every moment at your event is captured with professional event photography! 850 clients have enjoyed Sandra Herrero Photography’s services in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Here are some kind words from our clients. Contact us to schedule your session!
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