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Professional Portrait, Boudoir & Commercial Photographer 
Based in the Netherlands and available worldwide

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KM of biking in Amsterdam
Dreamy Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Discover who I am!

Hi there! I’m Sandra a full-time freelance photographer based near Amsterdam. I am originally from a village near Segovia in Spain, I grew up in Cuéllar. One of my best friends’ birthdays sparked my love for photography, filmmaking & storytelling. We were exploring the forest, and I started filming with my phone. Although it was a silly short film, I felt more satisfied than I ever have!

From that moment on, I wanted to have a camera and create, but my father wasn’t supportive of this. He said, “I was crazy, I would never know how to use the camera, and that it would just get dust after a few weeks because I wouldn’t use it”.

It turns out he was right, I was crazy in love with my passions, photography & filmmaking. 

Thank you so much for your hurtful words, dad, because since that day I have become a nonconformist and an advocate for my beliefs. That phrase made me who I am today, a full-time professional photographer. I am pleased that I am able to make a living from what I love doing. Each time I shoot, I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone, creating and feeling the adrenaline rush!

Sometimes you follow your passions. Sometimes they follow you.

Get behind the camera!


I love to dream big and I want to see my commercial photography in magazines and billboards!

Passionate About:

Traveling, photography, and personal growth.


Advertising & Public Relations degree specializing in creativity. Since 2015, I have been self-taught in photography.

3 Things accomplished in life

To be able to run a successful photography business, to live from my passion, and to live abroad.

In Five Words:

Passionate, Dreamer, Ambitious Adaptable, and Emphatic.

Countries lived:

Spain, France, and the Netherlands (4 happy years so far!).

Favourite City:

Doesn’t it seem obvious? Amsterdam! As well as Venice!

Moments of joy:

Sunsets, learning something new every day, spending time with loved ones, horseback riding, belly dancing, and meeting new people.


Spanish native, fluent in English, intermediate French, and Dutch on the way!


Without risk, there is no story. An oops is better than a what if!

Favorite Quote:

“Turn your wounds into wisdom. – Oprah Winfrey

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This is my mission

I don’t do photography, I don’t just take pictures. Instead, I offer photography adventures. So don’t expect me to just show up and take your pictures. I want to know your story. I would like to share mine with you. I would like to show you Amsterdam’s hidden gems or to provide you with a tour of the tulip fields in the Netherlands in April, and to see your amazement at seeing the magnificent fields. Whether you are proposing to your lover, traveling alone for the first time, or just exploring Amsterdam with your family, I would love to capture that moment. In spite of the fun and laughter we have together, I want to make you feel like a new friend.

"It is my intention to make you feel Amsterdam in your veins, just as much as I do".

First, I’d like to create memories in your mind, then stunning ones for social media!

Over the past few years, I have also specialized in working for brands, hotels, and companies, trying to create unique campaigns so they can communicate with their clients, increase sales and brand awareness. Let me show you what I can do with a professional team for you!

Travel Photographer in Amsterdam
Photographer in Amsterdam BEFORE
After-edition-night-Phtooshoot- AFTER

Here's my commitment

I provide quality photography and suggest the most suitable locations, clothing, and color recommendations. During the photoshoot, I identify the best angles for the client and assist with natural and confident poses. Finally, in the post-production phase, I perform colour correction and retouching on each photo to make them look as good as possible!

Premiere Pro


Elisabeth & Mike
Elisabeth & Mike
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Sandra was just amazing. An awesome human being, passion driven photographer. It was our first photoshoot and she made us feel perfectly comfortable and made our Amsterdam visit a memorable one. She was a passionate storyteller and apart from photos helped us to know more about culture and life in Amsterdam. She also guided about a few places which we could cover thereafter on the next day. She had a good sense of 'angle' and 'frame' in her shoots blended with passion - a terrific combination eventually. By the end of the shoot - we became good friends - it didn't seem like that we met for the first time just like sometime back. To all the visitors to this beautiful city - If you would want to have an experience which is more than a photo shoot (ofc candid photographic memories) - than Sandra is the go to go person.
Manuel Herrera
Manuel Herrera
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Es muy difícil explicar lo gratificante, bonita y divertida que fue para mi pareja y para mi la experiencia que vivimos con Sandra. No podemos definirla como experiencia fotográfica exclusivamente, ni como experiencia turística; ella supo hacernos sentir entre amigos. Su carácter, profesionalidad y personalidad nos hicieron pasar uno de los ratos que jamás olvidaremos de Amsterdam y que, gracias a su trabajo, nos llevamos inmortalizado para el recuerdo. La recomendación sale desde el corazón. Sentirte en casa en un país que no es el tuyo y que nos lo presente para que, una vez terminado nuestro rato con ella, siga siendo nuestra casa, no tiene precio. Sandra, gracias por las risas, las historias y los consejos. Has sido la guinda del pastel de un viaje inolvidable. A todos los que leáis esto, animaros!!! No hace falta haber realizado ningún tipo de sesión, todo fluye de forma sencilla y fácil. Como ya hemos dicho es un rato entre amigos inolvidable.
Léa de Foix
Léa de Foix
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Sandra was very warm and welcoming from the start and immediately made me feel comfortable doing the photoshoot. I booked her 2 combo experiences, the night photoshoot and the daily one. I booked her with my group of friends, a total of 5 and we loved all! I had such a great time walking around with her and hearing about her passion for photography while also getting to enjoy hidden gems, cool backgrounds, Amsterdam culture and fun facts. She was very knowledgeable and knew how to direct me to get the perfect shot. Her experiences are definitely worth it if you’re looking for a way to capture special moments in a fun and artistic way on during your trip to Amsterdam!
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