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Hi there, I’m Sandra!


I born in Cuéllar, a beautiful village from Segovia (Spain). I studied the Advertising & Public Relations degree specialised in creativity. I have been living in France and now I have been living in The Netherlands for 3 years.


I started learning photography self-taught in 2015. Nowadays I am proud to say that I am able to live from my passion as a full-time photographer for already 3 years.

Sometimes you follow your passions. Sometimes they follow you.

I love to travel and learn languages so I can speak fluently 3 languages, Spanish, English and French. Currently I am learning dutch!

Client List

Bol.com, Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Licor 43, Ron Barceló, EVEDARE, Leselles, Osmotics, Bloomeffects, Vital Body+, Hotel Pestana Riverside Amsterdam… and more great brands!


Photography Expositions & Prizes

2017 – “Between Dreams & Utopes” Surreal and conceptual photography exposition in Cuéllar (Spain)

Photographer in Amsterdam
Travel Photographer in Amsterdam
Best Photographer Amsterdam I Sandra Herrero Photography

My Mission

I don’t do photography, I don’t just take photos. I offer photography experiences and adventures, I’m not gonna just meet you and take you photographs. I want know your story. I want tell you mine. I want show you Amsterdam’s hidden gems. I want to bike with you and to see your amazed face discovering the breathtaking dutch tulips fields in April. I want capture that important second proposing your love, travelling solo for your first time or just exploring with your family in Amsterdam. I want shoot you with neon lights and run with you between two tramways lines for take that perfect shoot while I discover you a different Amsterdam Night. I want to make you feel as a new friend while we have lots of fun and laughs. 

I want make you feel Amsterdam through your veins, as much as I feel it.

So please read this, I first want create unique memories in your mind and then stunning ones for your social media.

Travel Photographer in Amsterdam
Photographer in Amsterdam BEFORE
Night Photoshoot in Amsterdam I Photographer in Amsterdam31 AFTER

My Commitment

I provide quality photography suggesting the best locations, styling and colours. During shooting I find your best angles and guide you with natural and confident poses. Finally in post-production I do the colour correction and retouch of your photos.

I deliver high-quality visual content within your timeline through my workflow.

Confidentiality and secure management of your photos is one of my key pillars.

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