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Pet Photo Session in Amsterdam

Take your pet along for a fabulous Pet Photoshoot in Amsterdam or in the Netherlands! We all adore our pets and probably spend more time than we should taking photos of them, so why not have it done by a professional and have some beautiful images of your four-legged friend?

Why you should book a Pet Photoshoot in Amsterdam?

Whether you have dogs, cats, rabbits or other furry and non-furry friends, their cuteness and loyalty melt our hearts each time they look at us with their innocent, loving eyes. We understand these unique connections with animals and our main goal is to take you candid memories in your city!


You might take some great photos, but they still won’t have the professional touch to them. The professional pet photographer will not only provide you with images that you never thought possible, but will shoot thinking about colors and composition. Also, the professional lenses are able to capture the light and details that no point and shoot camera or iPhone can. Plus, a skilled pet photographer will take care of fine tuning the image: removing eye bugs, removing the leash from the photo, removing people in the background, enhancing the fur details, the colors, etc.



“Sandra is a super talented pet photographer in The Netherlands. She is a true animal lover and knows how to capture candid photographs. I enjoyed a lot my photoshoot with her and my dog!”

Femke, Amsterdam

Pet owners can have stunning and creative portraits that truly capture the personalities of their dog. All of our Pet Photoshoots take place on beautiful city spots or park and forests backgrounds throughout the Netherlands. If you have a location in mind, please let us know.

Whether you want photos of just your pets, or you want to be in the shots with them, your Amsterdam Photographer will work with you to ensure you get perfect pet pictures that really capture their personality! The pet photoshoot is a treat for owners, too.

Every family should have an amazing portrait of their pet.

A Pet Photoshoot is a bit of a luxury, but once you capture those moments with your friend, you’ll have them forever and will have no doubt of their worth. We all return to photos from time to time when we feel nostalgic: photos of when we were kids, when we had that trip with all the family, the Christmas evening when Grandpa was still with us, our wedding day.

Photos immortalize that moment in time, that split second that will no longer be with us. Only the photo is the proof that that day existed and we lived it. So memories are not only priceless; they tell the story of our life. And cats and dogs are our life too. They grow up with us, they share every day with us and our kids, so it’s very important to have their presence in our lives documented. This is especially true when you don’t have children, as many do not. Pets are very much our family, and family in any form is a treasure.

This is the perfect gift for people who really love their pets. Book now this fantastic Pet Photoshoot in Amsterdam or at your favourite place in the Netherlands!

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