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Model Test Shoot in Amsterdam

Model Test Shoot in Amsterdam

As a model you should look at every shoot you book for yourself as an investment. Why you may ask? Well simply because you should always keep learning. Working with different people in the industry will help you career along.

Every photographer brings something unique to a shoot, they all have different skill sets and advice that you as a model can benefit from. From advice on the correct styling and what works best for your figure to angles that work best for you and tips on how to work with photographers.

Here are some photos from the shoot I had with Elfi last December 2020. She booked a Model Test Shoot in Amsterdam and she crushed it! We had so much fun shooting different outfits and she totally nailed her first photoshoot!


Model Test Shoot Guide


Although you will benefit a lot from working with professionals in the industry there are also a few basics you need to understand when it comes to a professional model test shoot. These test shoot tips break down the process from the time you book your shoot till the moment you are in front of the lens doing your thing.

What is a test shoot?

A test shoot is when a photographer and a model come together to create content. Whether that be an idea the model has or a collective concept, it usually is simple in execution. A test shoot is a the best way to learn how to model or gain experience since the pressure to perform is low and the need for a huge production isn’t necessary. Usually it’s just the model and the photographer working together to create the shot and sometimes a makeup artist and hair stylist.

How do I prepare?

Preparation is easy! Which is why I love doing these types of shoots; it’s low stress and doesn’t require a lot of effort on the models part. Before the shoot you and I will share some ideas on wardrobe. I have a Pinterest board that I swear by when it comes to discussing wardrobe options, which usually come from you own closet. Trust me, you don’t have to have a million dollar wardrobe to get a great shot! After we’ve got a good idea about the theme and wardrobe for the shoot we’ll set up a shoot date.

What about makeup and hair?

The beauty of a test shoot is that it’s focus is on your own natural beauty. I always go by the rule less is more. So a little concealer, mascara, brow maintenance, and lipstick is all you need. If you want to put some eyeshadow on, keep it natural. If you have blemishes, it’s OK! Everyone has them and I retouch the blemishes out anyways, unless you tell me otherwise. For hair I would keep it as natural as possible. If you have straight hair feel free to give it a blowout and if you have curly hair just do what makes your hair look best. Remember, the whole point of this is to show what you look like naturally, just elevated a bit. I would also suggest painting your nails a neutral color, beige is your best friend.

The most important step…packing.

I know you’re excited and probably a little bit nervous. Both of those feelings are perfectly normal and I have a few tips to help you get rid of those night-before gitters. The most important step is to pack two days before your shoot.

It’s better to have options rather than none at all. You want to give yourself time to run errands, not feel like your forgetting something, and to have to confidence that you are ready to go on shoot day. The only thing you should be worrying about is what kind of coffee or tea you’ll order.

Model Test Shoot in Amsterdam

I can’t stress how important this is and I promise this tip will help you for every shoot you have in the future. Lay out everything. Your makeup, wardrobe, shoe and accessory options, and anything else you think you’ll need. I find this extremely helpful when I’m planning out my outfits because it gives me time to go shopping in case it needs a little something to make a complete outfit. For instance, you may have a black turtleneck and high waisted jeans but a belt and a graphic blazer can really elevate the look. Plus the jacket will give you something to work with while we shoot. Maybe you want to do a beauty look but a funky chunky earring will give it a whole new vibe.

Pro Tip: Leave the tags on your items just in case we don’t end up using them. This way you can return what we don’t use rather than spending money you didn’t have to.

Model Test Shoot in Amsterdam

Want to book a model test shoot with us?

If you are looking to build up your modeling portfolio or just want some awesome, clean, portraits of yourself for social media, etc. Check out my Model Test Shoots Packages & Shoot me a message and let’s see how we can work together to build you a library of awesome images which can be used for high school senior photos, personal branding, modeling portfolio, and more! I shoot lifestyle portraits and model test shoots in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.

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