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Tulip Fields

If you’re looking for an unforgettable and professional tulip fields photography and bike tour near Amsterdam, you’ve come to the right place! 

Get a glimpse of the Tulip Fields with Sandra Herrero Photography, a photographer based in the Netherlands. The tulip fields are a perfect location to photograph couples, solo travelers, proposals, engagements, children, families, and bachelorette parties.

Experience a one-of-a-kind photo experience in The Netherlands

This is the only all-in-one tour in The Netherlands that combines a tulips photography experience with a customized tulip fields bike tour!  Plus in this photo experience, Sandra, our local photographer, will discuss some interesting facts and curiosities about The Netherlands, and one of the most bizarre phenomena during The Dutch Golden Age: tulip mania!
Only from mid-April to mid-May of 2023 will you be able to experience this unique tulip fields photography experience near Amsterdam. 
Spaces are limited for this 2023! The number of bookings is filling up quickly, so do not miss your chance!

A sea of colors and tulips

What makes The Netherlands one of the world’s most unique countries? The nightlife, the old Dutch houses, the canals, and the TULIPS! 

Tourists who visit Amsterdam in spring without visiting the picturesque Tulip Fields are missing out on one of their most amazing photographic opportunities. We can’t let that happen to you! Get lost in a fairytale of spring, and capture those memories forever with beautiful timeless photographs that will last a lifetime!

What you get:

Memories of a lifetime

Beautiful surroundings

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

A visit to the Dutch Tulip Fields is a must!

During springtime throughout the South and North of the country are fields of tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus. You’ll be the star of an incredible tulip fields photoshoot, providing a canvas of color for stunning portraits. No modeling experience is required, just relax and have fun with me!

Tulip fields farms are owned by companies and are not accessible by public transportation. The fields are private property with ropes on them, so anyone entering them is trespassing. The bike route I have designed includes the opportunity to take photos in different tulip fields with the permission of the landowners/farmers.

That’s no problem at all! For those who cannot bike my tailored bike route and photoshoot around the tulip fields, I can offer other wonderful alternatives. For example, shooting at the tulip fields theme parks or at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me so that we can make your tulip fields photo session happen!

Each year, the timing of the tulip fields bloom might vary by a few days. However, I always recommend shooting around the 12th or 14th of April to ensure that the majority of the tulips are in full bloom and not green. According to my experience, the best times to take photos of the tulip fields in full bloom are mid April to the end of April or the first days of May. It is important to note that the farmers typically harvest the tulips in the first week of May.

When you are not traveling during the peak blooming period of the tulips, I would be happy to suggest great alternatives!

1. One of them is shooting and visiting the famous Keukenhof gardens. This 2023 Keukenhof will be open from the 23rd of March until the 14th of May from 08:00am till 19:30am. It is important to note that in March there will be fewer tulips blooming than in April. Also, around the 2nd week of May, some tulips may be dead after visitors have walked around and touched them.

2. Another incredibly fun option is to go to one of the tulip fields theme parks that I know. You can choose your favorite! Our most common time for photographing tulip fields at theme parks is approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and half, depending on how many people are joining the session, so I will be happy to calculate a you a custom quote for you. Similar to the Keukenhof situation, there will be fewer tulips blooming in March than in April at the tulip fields theme parks. Additionally, some tulips may be dead after visitors walk around and touch them around the second week of May.


1. Let's get to know each other

Tell me about you and your needs. Please, check my availability and I'll guide you through the next steps.

2. Reserve your spot on our website

Booking a Tulip Fields Photoshoot through our website is easy, fast, and secure. It'll take you 3 minutes!

3. Location & Clothing Recommendations

Time-saving and inspiring ideas for your shoot. Plus, we recommend hair and make-up artists.

4. Your photos are ready within 7 days!

Pick your fav photos, they will be watermarked. You'll get retouched photos without watermarks!

Tulip Fields Photography Packages


Short & Sweet

1 Person

1 extra outfit

20 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)


Timeless Souvenir

1-2 Persons

2 extra outfits

35 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)




1-4 Persons (Ideal for couples & families)

2 extra outfits

50 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)

Tulips Fields Photography and bike tour



1-6 Persons (Ideal for families and groups)

2 extra outfits

65 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos within 7 days


(vat excluded)

An experience at the tulip fields at

Keukenhof Gardens

With a professional photographer, guide, and content creator based in The Netherlands.

Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens!

Its doors are open every year from the end of March till mid-May.

Your travel costs and bike rental are not included in this tulip fields photoshoot.


Due to the fact that transport costs vary according to the client, they are also not included in this shoot. However, we will offer you several travel options so that you can choose your favourite one based on your budget and stay location. An easy and cheap way to travel is to take the bus+train or bus, which costs around 20€ for a one-way ticket.


When you book your shoot, we will recommend 2 rental places where you can rent your bikes for our tour and tulip fields shoot. If you want to customize your bike, you can add a helmet, child seat, bike + kidcar, as well as other accessories.

Depending on the bike you wish to rent, here are the prices:

  • A normal bike costs 11€
  • Bike for kids 12 years and under 8€
  • Electric bike for 22€
  • Tandem bikes for 2 adults 25€
  • A tandem for an adult and a child costs 25€
  • The cargo bike costs 25€ (where you can bring 1-3 children).

Here are 5 reasons why you should not miss this Tulip Fields Photography Experience:

1. Visiting the tulip fields in The Netherlands is a must

This photo experience is perfect for solo-travellers, couples, families and groups of friends. And of course is a perfect idea for proposals! You will surprise your loved and you will have beautiful memories between the dutch tulip fields!

2. It’s a fun experience to do!

It’s time to race our heartbeats! Having a professional photo session in the tulip fields is a wonderful idea. Finding the right Tulip Fields Photographer to capture your personality and the freedom of the city, is priceless.

3. Learn how to feel confident in front of the camera 

90% of my clients never did a photoshoot before! It is my goal to help my clients feel confident in front of the camera. At the end of the session, they always look like stars and feel super empowered! My tulip fields portfolio features clients from around the world. They rocked their shoots and you will too!

4.Get a taste of Dutch countryside on a fun bike tour!

While biking to the tulip fields I will explain you the Tulip’s history, curiosities and fun facts that happened to me in the Netherlands. On your back to home you will know lots of curiosities about this marvellous country!

5. Bring back home instagrammable and unique photographs! 

Forget about google maps! Never worry about being unable to find the tulip fields or that awkward moment asking a stranger to take your photo! You will have a professional photographer who knows how to capture the most flattering angles with a beautiful photo composition and nice background!

If you are ready to make a booking (or if you have additional questions first), please contact me. Whether we talk through emails or find time over the phone, I’ll be happy to answer any questions, discuss your ideas for a location and what you’re looking for in the session, and see if we’d be a good match!

Yes, without a doubt! Once I receive your booking payment, I will send you my exclusive booklet with the best make-up artists and hair stylists in the Netherlands. Many of them I have worked with in the past and I trust them to assist you in creating the perfect look for your boudoir session. Based on your final outfit selection, they help you select colors and styles.

Additional person:

Adding additional people on packages that don’t include the number of persons required will incur an additional fee of €50 (excl. VAT).

Would a family member or friend be able to take part in the bike tour but not appear in the photos?

Sure, they’re welcome to join us! A €25 (excl. VAT) fee is required for each additional person joining our tulip fields bike tour without appearing in the photos.

Additional hours shooting:

€65 per half hour (excl. VAT)

€130 per hour (excl. VAT)

Weekends or public holidays fee

Normally, I don’t shoot on weekends or public holidays to maintain a good work-life balance and give my best on each shoot. Because of this, I am not always able to shoot, but occasionally I’m happy to shoot on the weekends or public holidays if you can’t make it during the week. Occasionally, I shoot for events, commercial shoots, or clients who can’t shoot during the week.  I am available Saturday or Sunday when it works best for the client, but I recommend shooting early in the morning because there may be more people or tourists around in some locations. 

To shoot on the weekend has a 50% extra fee of each hour shooting which is;

32,5€ per half hour (excl. VAT)

65€ per 1 hour (excl. VAT)

The weekend fee will be calculated by the hours shooting in the package. After the photoshoot booking has been made, a customised link named “Weekend or public holidays fee” will be sent to the client.

Additional retouched images:

€35 each (excl. VAT)

Rush Service Fee:

On top of the photoshoot price, the 4 working days turnaround price is 100€ (VAT excluded).

Travel Fee:

Extra fees may apply outside Amsterdam, Utrecht, and Hilversum.

Outside the Netherlands – to be determined.

Photographer in Amsterdam Polaroid

Ready to book your tulip fields session?

Enjoy a unique photoshoot experience in the tulip fields! Over 850 clients have enjoyed Sandra Herrero Photography’s sessions in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Check out some of the kind words from our clients and contact us today! 
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