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Tulip Fields

From mid-April to mid-May 2022, you can enjoy a unique experience in The Netherlands. The flower fields are located close to Amsterdam. Limited spaces are available, almost fully booked!
You are in the right place if you are looking for a professional tulip fields photographer!

Get a glimpse of the Tulip Fields with Sandra Herrero Photography, a photographer based in the Netherlands. We have all types of photoshoots, including solo traveler, couple, proposal, engagement, family, and bachelorette shoots.

A sea of colors and tulips

Why is The Netherlands one of the most unique countries in the world? The city’s nightlife, the old Dutch houses, canals, and the TULIPS! 

In the case of tourists visiting Amsterdam and not taking advantage of the picturesque Tulip Fields, they are missing out on the most amazing photo opportunity of their lives. We can’t allow that to happen to you! Immerse yourself in a fairytale of spring, and remember it forever!

I've got what you need!

Memories of a lifetime

Beautiful surroundings

Friendly and relaxed atmosphere

A visit to the Dutch Tulip Fields is a must!

During springtime throughout the South and North of the country are fields of tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus. With tulips and other blooms surrounding you, you’ll be the star of a breathtaking countryside photoshoot, providing a canvas of color for your stunning portraits. There is no modeling experience necessary.

Generally, they are owned by companies and public transportation isn’t available to reach them. There are several bike routes around the fields but only to observe since the fields are private property and ropes are on them, so anyone entering them is trespassing.

Accordingly, I only work where I have the permission of the landowners/farmers.


1. Let's get to know each other

Tell me about you and your needs. Please, check my availability and I'll guide you through the next steps.

2. Reserve your spot on our website

Booking a Tulip Fields Photoshoot through our website is easy, fast, and secure. It'll take you 3 minutes!

3. Location & Clothing Recommendations

Time-saving and inspiring ideas for your shoot. Plus, we recommend hair and make-up artists.

4. Your photos are ready within 7 days!

Pick your fav photos, they will be watermarked. You'll get retouched photos without watermarks!

Tulip Fields Photography Packages


Short & Sweet

1 Person

1 extra outfit

20 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)


Timeless Souvenir

1-2 Persons

2 extra outfits

35 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)




1-4 Persons

2 extra outfits

50 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos ready within 7 days


(vat excluded)

Tulips Fields Photography and bike tour



1-6 Persons

2 extra outfits

65 photos retouched, selected by you.

Private Online Gallery (photos for selection have watermarks)

Clothing & Styling Recommendations

Extra photos 18€ each (excl. VAT)

Photos within 7 days


(vat excluded)

An experience at the tulip fields at

Keukenhof Gardens

With a professional photographer, guide, and content creator based in The Netherlands.

Keukenhof is one of the world’s largest flower gardens!

Its doors are open every year from the end of March till mid-May.


Please, contact me via this email/booking form and I’ll be in touch within 24-48 hours to discuss what you need:

  • Please specify the preferred date and time for your shoot.
  • How many people will be participating in the shoot?
  • What package are you interested in booking?


Listed at the top of this page are different types of Tulip Fields Photography Packages that you can choose from. 

To make sure you get your spot, I recommend you book your photoshoot 1-2 months in advance. It’s important to make your payment on this website as soon as possible to secure your booking. The full amount must be paid on the website. All major credit cards, iDeal, and PayPal are accepted. Making your payment is easy and secure, it will only take you one minute! 

Booking your Tulip Fields Photoshoot package is as simple as clicking here! 

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.


  • Upon booking, I will provide you with the meeting point location. 
  • Furthermore, I will send you a mood board with props, clothing, and color recommendations that will be time-saving and inspiring ideas for your shoot.
  • In addition, I can also provide you with a pdf booklet with professional makeup artists and hairstylists with whom I frequently work. 


A shoot day is always exciting! We’ll nail your best angles!


About 2-3 days after the photoshoot, I will send you around 200 photos in a protected private gallery with a watermark in the middle and low resolution, and you can choose your favorite images from the package.

It is also possible to purchase additional photos, each additional photo costs €18 (excl. VAT).


Within 7 days, you will receive the retouched photos. 
There is also the possibility of paying a rush fee if you are in a hurry. This additional fee must be communicated to me in advance so I can determine if I am available to offer the rush fee for you. Turnaround time of 3 days – €80 (excl. VAT)

Lastly, you will provide us with your feedback and final evaluation concerning your Tulip Fields Photography Experience.

Make-up artist & hairstylist: 80-150€

Additional hours shooting:

65€ per half hour (vat excluded)

130€ per hour (vat excluded)

Weekend fee

I normally don’t shoot on weekends so I can have a good work-life balance and of course give my best on each shoot. But if you cannot make it during the week I am happy to shoot in the weekend. My availability for weekends normally is good, I don´t do them that often, sometimes for events, commercial shoots or clients who are not able to shoot during the week.  I am available Saturday or Sunday the best time that works well for the client but I recommend shooting in the morning because depending on the locations It can get busier with people or tourists around. 

To shoot on the weekend has a 50% extra fee of each hour shooting which is;

32,5€ per half hour (vat excluded)

65€ per 1 hour (vat excluded)

The weekend fee will be calculated by the hours shooting in the package and after it added it to the package.

Additional extra outfits

For adding extra outfits please let me know, so I can send you a custom quote.

Additional edited images:

The price per 1 extra photo is 18€ (VAT Excluded). It includes a full retouch as the client desires (spots, eye bags, hair fixing, wrinkles in the clothes body reshape…etc) and colour correction.

We highly recommend to think about the number of photos that you will need for your website, social media etc. It is possible to upgrade package before the photoshoot, the cost of the photo is cheaper booking a bigger package. Normally clients always end up buying extra photos because they cannot decide and love the variety of the photos that we created. Please, keep in mind that is not possible to upgrade the package after the photoshoot is done.

Rush fee:

3 days turnaround 80€ extra (vat excluded)


Outside Amsterdam, Utrecht, Hilversum area may have an extra cost

Outside the Netherlands — to be discussed

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