Where to see tulip fields in the Netherlands

February 25, 2020


If you are looking for where to see gorgeous tulip fields in the Netherlands you have arrived to the right place. Don’t miss all our tips!

After living in Amsterdam for two years and a half, visiting hundreds of tulip fields, and speaking with tulip farmers in person, I know good where to see stunning tulip fields in The Netherlands, the right way. Keep reading to find out how to get your gorgeous tulip photos in the spring time.

“A Tulip Fields Photoshoot in The Netherlands is a must if you are coming in spring time. Biking next to the dutch tulip fields is just breathtaking!”.

Last year I offered this fun photo experience and all of my guests described it as an unique experience in their life! Why? First of all because they saw beautiful tulip fields while I took them the most stunning pics! This photo experience is only available in April and May and the spots are limited!

Certainly to discover Amsterdam in spring is great! The weather normally is warmer and less rainy, but if you are in the month of April you can see some areas in The Netherlands where the tulips are bloomed.


You can find tulip fields in different areas like, West Friesland. This area lies between Hoorn, Enkhuizen and Medemblik. The biggest concentration of bulb fields is in the upper northern part of Noord Holland, roughly between Den Oever, Den Helder and Schagen.

My favourite area is around Lisse and Noordwijkerhout. In contrast, I really don’t recommend to go to Lisse tulips fields, majority are surrounded by canals because it’s a tourist area. The famous tulip garden’s Keukenhof is there and the farmers decided to protect their lands from unconscious tourists.

There are a few ways to find tulip fields in the Netherlands, but the best way is to directly reach out to a tulip farmer and ask permission to enter their field. This is my preferred method of taking photos at a tulip field because:

  1. A lot of tulip fields in Holland have some barrier around them whether it’s a gate or a moat (for a lack of better words) so if you drive or bike around to look for a tulip field, your chances of taking photos inside one may be slim-to-none. Getting in touch with a farmer means that you’ll have 100% chance of getting into a field.
  2. Because of barriers or canals around tulip fields, generally you’ll be able to take photos in front of a field but not inside. Working with a farmer will give you access to take photos inside the field to get the insta-worthy photo you really want.
  3. You won’t get kicked off the tulip field since you have permission. That way, you’ll be able to spend all the time you need on getting the perfect photo.
  4. The most important reason why you need to get permission is because these tulip fields are a farmer’s livelihood! Their work is what keeps food on the table and roofs over their heads. Entering fields without permission can damage the flowers they plan on selling, or worse, ruin the entire field of flowers and bulbs with you unknowingly spreading disease.

A secondary way is to visit the tulip fields at the Keukenhof Gardens. To do this, you’ll have to buy a separate fields ticket in addition to the normal general admission ticket.


Get ready to say bye to your google maps, and just explore, relax and enjoy with me! I always do a secret route where farmers let me shoot in different tulip fields. Following my instructions we can keep the tulips fields safe and shoot avoiding damages to the tulip farmers.

Above all this Tulip Fields Photoshoot in The Netherlands is perfect for solo-travellers, couples, families and groups of friends. If you are thinking about how to propose the love of your life… Believe me, this is the most beautiful and unique way to do it. I will be happy to helping you! Last year I did more than 40 successful photo experiences! I shooted a total of 80 clients from different parts of the world! Do you wanna be the next one?

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“Get ready to discover The Netherlands in a local way with curiosities and fun facts. I wanna bike with you while we smell the fragrance of the tulips fields. After the photo experience you will receive unique memories that are only possible to take in April & May”.


“Biking amongst the tulips was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The fragrance of the flowers, driving past the Dutch flowers, and being among mile stretches of colourful tulips was so surreal and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in travel. The photos are wonderful souvenirs that will always be treasured and bring me back to that moment. For the bike ride, I wore leggings and a tank top and this also helped with precarious changing options. I’d recommend buying tulips from the farmers as this might make them a bit more cheerful about posing with their crops. Also, don’t forget to bring snacks as you will probably get hungry. Thank you so much Sandra for a wonderful and unique experience!”    

       Katelyn, Los Angeles

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