Red Light District Photoshoot

June 20, 2020

Enjoy this exclusive Night Photoshoot & Tour around the beautiful Old Town of Amsterdam and Red Light District.

“There are places that have a special magic at night, and Amsterdam is definitely one of them”.

Sandra Herrero Photography

We will be walking and using it’s street red lights and enlightened buildings as unique backgrounds where to take your most artistic pictures while learning stories and facts about Amsterdam past and the Red Light District.

Unique Red Light District Photoshoot

Amsterdam is one of the safest cites in Europe! So please, no worries about it, you will be with a local photographer who knows every street and corner in Amsterdam!

If you are travelling to Amsterdam this is the best way to get immerse in the city from the point of view of a local photographer, who will take you stunning memories portraits about your trip!

Night Photoshoot Highlights

  • Relax and have fun in a Creative Night Photoshoot in Amsterdam with a local photographer passionate about her job and city!
  • During the experience we will be shooting around the Red Light District Area, but never inside of it. And of course, never in front of, or next to a lady’s window. My first rule in this photo experience is always to respect the sex-worker’s privacy .
  • I will always let you know in what areas you cannot use your mobile phone or camera so we can enjoy and amazing photo experience and tour.
  • I know the best spots to shoot with red neon lights and cool backgrounds that don’t need to be in the red light District itself!
  • Head over to Amsterdams world famous skinny alley for a once in a lifetime while having an interesting conversation about the History of the Red Light District and interesting facts the actual situation
  • This photo shoot is one of the most fun and creative things to do when out with your crew of friends, couple or as a solo-traveller!

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