Love Stories at Home in Amsterdam

June 28, 2020

Last week I did my first “Love Stories at Home” in Amsterdam. A New Photo Experience that I wanted to start long time ago, and now in Corona Times is the best moment!

“Love Stories at Home is a fun couple photoshoot at your home with an Amsterdam Photographer. Unique intimate memories with that person you are spending 24/7”.

Sandra Herrero Photography
Proposal Photoshoot Amsterdam


International couples are my favourite and this one was so cute!

Quentin is from France and Palmira is from Spain. They met 5 years ago in Tinder! After all these time living together they decided that a “Love Story at Home” Photoshoot would be a nice idea about their daily life love in Corona Times.

It made me really happy that they choose me as their photographer in Amsterdam, because this couple was crazy in love!


First, we had a small and relax walk in Vondelpark, the biggest park in Amsterdam! I always like to have the first contact with my guests in an open place. It helps them to feel relax and get use to shoot with me during the first shoots.

“I’m all about the genuine, candid, teasing, fun and weird love that you have”.

Sandra Herrero Photography


After 20 minutes exploring, shooting and biking in the park we went to their place. Palmira & Quentin live close to Vondelpark, in an Amsterdam house full of personality, lots of plants, vintage and 2nd hand decoration. I felt totally in love with their house!

Love Stories at Home reflects your daily life with that person who makes your heart beat like a crazy, who sometimes makes you mad but always makes your days full of cuddles, hugs, kisses & love.

I always like to give freedom to my couples but guiding them and giving them ideas about what they can do. To capture an unique Love Story is necessary to shoot in different areas of the house where the couple spend their daily life. Living room, balcony and kitchen were our backdrops!


When we were shooting in the balcony Quentin had a great idea, to open a glass of wine! They did cheers and enjoy sweet wine kisses. The glasses of wine went from the balcony to the kitchen and Quentin started to cook their lunch while Palmira was hugging and teasing him.

I really enjoyed and had so much fun in this couple photoshoot. The place is definitely an important factor for the photos but the natural and spontaneous love of the couple did all the job!

My goal is to capture your daily moments together.

Sandra Herrero Photography

Please let me know in the comments your thoughts about this photoshoot! Have you ever shooted a couple at their place?

If you are interested in book a “Love Stories at Home” I’m available in The Netherlands, shoot me a message and let’s make it possible!

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