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Tinder Photoshoot in Amsterdam

(39 customer reviews)

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Update your online dating profile photos with this professional Tinder photoshoot in Amsterdam or the Netherlands. Although you have been postponing it and postponing it…it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and do something new, because that’s where the fun begins!

In the past few years, I’ve received tremendous positive feedback from my clients, with many describing having more matches, meeting higher quality people, and even finding love!


What makes this Tinder Photoshoot in Amsterdam so special?

It’s the time to finally level up your online dating photos with Sandra, a professional portrait photographer, specialised in Dating Photography for Tinder, Badoo, Bumble, Breeze, Inner Circle, Lexa… It’s me, the online dating photographer you’ve been looking for! I am natively Spanish, and I speak fluent English, intermediate French, and basic Dutch. Here are some kind words from our clients!

The main reason why I am the most booked and leading dating photographer in Amsterdam is that I do more than just meet with you and take try nice photos of you. Before the photoshoot, I provide styling advice, help you decide what locations in my booklet compliment your style the best. During the shoot, I guide you with candid and spontaneous poses and photos, you will leave feeling empowered and confident. If desired, I also provide feedback and suggestions for improving your profile’s bio, openers, and how to approach girls in an interesting way to catch their attention.

Over the past few years, I have photographed over 100 men and women, all were needing to update their photos. Many of them got divorced or ended up splitting up with their long-term partners. I have also shot with expats who have recently relocated to the Netherlands in search of love or just a dash of fun.

Why you should invest in yourself?

Whatever your reasons for doing a tinder photoshoot are, the key point is that you’re investing in yourself. You are not only updating your dating profiles, but also stepping out of your comfort zone and boosting your confidence. In addition, you update your social media, LinkedIn profile, and make some memories in Amsterdam or your city. Believe me, as an expat, your mom will be thrilled and proud to see gorgeous photos of you!

Are you curious about the style of my tinder photography? Check out my Online Dating portfolio and packages or discover my recent shoots on the blog stories.

What is included in this tinder shoot?

Upon booking your Tinder photoshoot, you will receive a list of recommendations and tips that will help you prepare for the day of the shoot:

Before your shoot

  • Friendly support and consultation.
  • Styling tips, color recommendations, accessories and props suggestions.
  • Professional photography equipment including a camera, lenses, and a portable tent where you can easily change your outfits!
  • A booklet featuring professional hairstylists and make-up artists in the Netherlands.
  • A booklet with cool and beautiful locations in Amsterdam curated by me. You should select a background for your photos that aligns most closely with your personality. Additionally, if you would like to shoot in another city in the Netherlands, I can send you some locations options. You can choose from a variety of options, such as the old center streets, modern buildings, parks, or a coffee place.
  • An inspiration moodboard with poses and photos.

After your shoot

  • Within 3 days of your shoot, you will be able to pick your favourite photos from a private gallery (the photo proofs will have watermark).
  • Within 7 days, we professionally retouch and color correct your photos without watermarks!

Are you ready to book your tinder photoshoot?

Please contact me if you wish to make a booking (or if you need additional information first). I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and see if we’re a good fit, if you’d like to discuss a location and what you’d like in the session.

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions I receive as an Amsterdam-based portrait photographer are numerous. Here are the answers to the most frequent ones. However, if you cannot find the answers to your questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

39 reviews for Tinder Photoshoot in Amsterdam

  1. Edward

    Sandra was great, and made me feel very comfortable taking pictures. It was my first time doing something like this and she even referred me to more dating sites to try (The Inner Circle). I’ve already just went on a date, which I could assume was the help of the new pictures I’ve posted!

  2. Marina

    WOW. That’s really all I can say. I was so worried I was going to hate every photo, but far from it. Thank you so, so, so much for letting me borrow your immense talent for a couple of hours. I will treasure these photos.

  3. Nicolas

    Sandra! You’ve changed my life! Thank you so much!

  4. Femke

    Thank you so much, some of these are better than I thought possible! And thanks for the fast turnaround.

  5. Niels

    Een super toffe persoon. Je voelt je enorm op je gemak. Prachtige foto’s. Topper!

  6. Xiu

    My shoot with Sandra was great! In the beginning, you never know what the photographer will be like, but Sandra was really nice and fun to talk to. She made me feel comfortable and we could communicate well together. It was also nice that she already had a lot of experience, so she knew some great angles and poses for the photos to look good. Looking forward to future shoots with her!

  7. Fleur

    Ik had een super gezellige shoot met Sandra! Ze is professioneel, sociaal en maakt prachtige foto’s. Ik ben erg tevreden met het resultaat!? En ik zou zeker nog een keer een shoot met haar boeken. Aanrader!

  8. Daan

    Exactly what I needed! I can finally get rid of my bathroom selfies and awkwardly cropped photos. The people I’m matching now are on a whole other level, too! Thank you so much Sandra

  9. Sanne

    Een woord; geweldig! Sandra is echt een top fotograaf! Bedankt

  10. Bram

    Heb een ontzettend leuke, ontspannen fotoshoot gehad. De foto’s zijn heel mooi geworden! Krista weet op een hele fijne, gezellige manier contact met je te maken. Hierdoor voel je, je al heel snel op je gemak bij haar en gaat het poseren heel natuurlijk. Sandra is een uitstekend fotograaf en ik kan iedereen die mooie foto’s wil hebben, aanraden om met haar op pad te gaan voor een fotoshoot. Bedankt Sandra!

  11. Mohamed

    I hate having my picture taken. So needless to say I was extremely nervous about the idea of a photo shoot with a total stranger. But from the second I met Sandra she put me completely at ease. Not only does she make sure you’re comfortable the entire time but she’s honest, upfront and damn good at what she does! The 2 hours flew by and I literally felt like I was hanging out with a friend the whole time and got some really awesome pictures taken along the way. Could not recommend a more professional yet down to earth photographer. Thank you again Charlie for the wonderful photos, advice and experience!

  12. Madelief

    Heel spontaan en leuk om foto’s mee te maken. Resultaten zijn ook super! Bedankt Sandra

  13. Tomas

    Outstanding job – THRILLED with the results! It was hard to decide the 6 photos that I booked so I finally ended up buying 6 more photos extra! Sandra was easy going and she helped me also with openers ideas and my bio! Thank you so much

  14. Stanisław Muszel

    I have ordered a photoshoot for a dating profile. The photos work great, and we had a nice chat along the way!

  15. Mike

    I did a personal photoshoot with Sandra is a top rate photographer and an absolute professional. She made it so enjoyable! I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. She has a fantastic eye for detail and made the entire shoot so enjoyable – I’m not exactly model-material, but by the end I was having a great time! I couldn’t believe how great the shots were, and would recommend her to anyone interested in a shoot in the Amsterdam area.

  16. Peter

    Sandra is extremely personable and will put you at ease immediately! I really dislike having my picture taken and never seem to have a “good” picture of myself. I can’t believe how great the pictures turned out … I’m having a really tough time picking only 10!! I couldn’t recommend Sandra more. I received my pictures for review within hours of having our photo shoot. She’s super friendly, you feel like you’re out with one of your good friends who just happens to be a very talented photographer – that’s how at ease and comfortable you’ll feel.

  17. Mark

    I was a little nervous about the photo shoot as I don’t generally enjoy being photographed, but Sandra’s friendly attitude and professionalism really put me at ease! She knew just what to do to make me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience and would absolutely recommend her services.

  18. Lei

    I am not someone who usually enjoys being photographed, but I was thinking of getting back into online dating and, having been advised in the past that the photos I had used were not the most flattering, I decided to contact Sandra. She picked a fantastic outdoor location in Amsterdam with a number of interesting background options. Her manner throughout the shoot was charming, reassuring and professional. When I had difficulty looking natural, due to my mild discomfort with posing for the camera, she was very helpful with suggestions and I always felt like I was in capable hands. In the end, I came away feeling very positive about the experience, and I had a lot of great photographs to choose from. I recommend Sandra 100%! Thank you

  19. Lucas

    Working with Sandra was a blast. She was calm, friendly, professional and knew right away what I wanted to achieve. As a photographer, Sandra has a keen eye an a natural feel for working with clients who are not professional models. She respected my time and was willing to work around my busy schedule. What would definitely bring me back is the amazing quality of her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

  20. Rick

    After my session with Sandra, I created a profile on Tinder and literally got several messages flowing in. I don’t even have time to browse as I’m barely able to respond to everyone…The pictures were crucial. Thanks Sandra!

  21. Dennis

    I was a little nervous about the photo shoot as I don’t generally enjoy being photographed, but Sandra’s friendly attitude and professionalism really put me at ease! She knew just what to do to make me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience and would absolutely recommend her services.

  22. Eva

    Sandra was a pleasure to deal with! The shoot was fun and relaxed, and she really knew her way around the location in Eindhoven! We got some great shots which she turned around and got to me within just a couple days of the shoot. The pictures that we took have received positive reviews by everyone who has seen them! Online profiles, friends and family. Sandra made me look great! I would recommend Sandra’s service to anyone looking to get some professional shots taken!

  23. Barun

    At the started I wasn’t sure about booking becuase is a big investment but Sandra’s portfolio was impressive. After reading some reviews I realised that I was investing on myself! I enjoyed a lot the shoot with Sandra in Rotterdam and the photos turned out great! I am absolutely loving the entire online dating experience now. I have no doubt that the photos played the biggest part in me doing so well. I just can say that every € is totally worthy! Thank you so much Sandra I will book you again for a LinkedIn Photoshoot!

  24. Fleur

    A month ago I went on my very first date & I still can’t quite believe I’m saying this but there was an immediate connection. It’s very early days but he’s a lovely man & I can only hope it lasts. I’m actually over his age limit but he was scanning & something about your photos of me made him look again & message me. I thought you’d like to know that your photos may have made all the difference. Thank you Sandra!

  25. Thijs

    Just thought I would give you some instant feedback on how good and awesome Sandra is! So I downloaded my chosen photos around 10:30am yesterday – just over 24 hours ago. With my old photos I would be lucky to get 1 or maybe at a stretch 2 matches a week on Bumble & Tinder, but in the last 24 hours I have had close to 20 and they are all really decent matches too, all my type and top drawer!!

    Anyway just wanted to say great job and fantastic service, everyone should have this done – what a difference a day makes!! I will definitely be recommending you to all my single friends!!

  26. Sander

    Thank you so much for my photos. I LOVE them!! I really enjoyed working with you. I had such a fun day & you really put me at my ease in front of the camera. Thank you once again, I’ll definitely recommend you to all my friends.

  27. Gerrit

    Thanks for the photos Sandra, chose a couple & put them on my dating profile & it has already made a massive difference in a few days. Will definitely recommend you to my friends!

  28. Romy

    I made the decision to enter the world of online dating, but knew any pictures I had of myself were outdated or not as attractive as I thought they could be. I also thought how great it would be to finally have a professional picture of myself. One I could be proud of.
    So, I began my search for a photographer that didn’t cost a fortune and where I wouldn’t be stuck in a sterile studio for the shoot. Luckily, I found Sandra. She is exactly what you need in this situation – flexible, positive, honest, dependable, open, and encouraging.
    I felt a little nervous at the beginning of the process, but Sandra quickly soothed my anxieties. I enthusiastically recommend her professional services. You won’t be sorry.

  29. Klaas

    Sandra is awesome to work with. Before we started, she took the time to get to know me, made sure she understood what I wanted to accomplish, and picked out a fantastic location where we could get all of the shots we needed. During the shoot she knew exactly what to do and worked efficiently to get all of the different shots. She’s patient and outgoing which made the whole experience relaxing and fun. I’m so glad I found Sandra and had her help me with updating my photos!

  30. Willem

    Sandra provided a fun photo shoot experience while producing great results. She has a knack of putting you at ease and making everything during the shoot go smoothly. Plus, she was fast at following up and sending the photos.

    She’s the best of both worlds – a professional at her job and a friendly, charming person to be around. It’s simple – go with the best if you want the best results.

  31. Hendrika

    Sandra’s photos are stunning. She really knows how to capture the essence of a person in her photographs. Everything from the framing of subjects to the contrast of light and brilliance of colors is of the highest quality.

    She’s also a very friendly and sweet woman which makes it very easy to do business with her.

    Great photographer! Great person!

  32. Dirk

    I have not dated in 12 years and I really did not have a lot of good shots for my dating profile and certainly had never had professional pictures taken with me as the main subject.

    Sandra, was kind, considerate and had a great sense of humor as she helped me to take some really great shots for my dating profile. She always was trying to gauge my comfort level and helped me to relax before we started. She then helped me to smile and laugh at her sense of humor at just the right times.

    The resulting photos were great and have had excellent responses so far.

  33. Leah

    I was a little nervous about the photo shoot as I don’t generally enjoy being photographed, but Sandra’s friendly attitude and professionalism really put me at ease! She knew just what to do to make me feel comfortable. I really enjoyed the experience and would absolutely recommend her services.

  34. Dave

    I can finally get rid of my bathroom selfies and awkwardly cropped photos. The people I’m matching now are on a whole other level, too!

  35. Tim Bakker

    Ik was al een tijdje op zoek naar een fotograaf in Nederland en ik ben heel blij dat ik Sandra heb gevonden. Deze week boekte ik een portretfotoshoot in Amsterdam met haar, en we schoten slechts een paar dagen later. Sandra’s outfitaanbevelingen waren goed en ze had passende locatie-ideeën voor elke voorgestelde set. De shoot zelf ging als een speer! Ik voelde me snel op mijn gemak en ze is leuk om mee te kletsen tussen de locaties door. Ik ben nu mijn foto’s aan het selecteren en ze zijn precies waar ik op hoopte. Zeker aanbevolen!

  36. Lars

    Of course, my friends thought it was ridiculous that I would pay someone to take pictures for my Tinder but the results speak for themselves, you get out of it what you put into it…First week I only got 3 matches. After two weeks it exploded and I could barely keep up. Thanks again Sandra

  37. Richard Pereira

    Sandra is a super good photographer and she will make you look amazing in your photos. I booked shooting to get some photos for updating my LinkedIn, social media and I was impressed. She is very kind and will make you feel really comfortable during the shooting. I really recommend and you will be really satisfied with the result.

  38. Matias Fischer

    Very good! Looking for a Portrait Photographer in Amsterdam I found Sandra’s web site. I saw her review so I decided to try and make photos for updating my social media & LinkedIn profile. She sent me very useful recommendations about places and clothes to use. She’s also really fun. In the beginning I was tense but I was able to relax quickly The photos look amazing!

  39. Ricardo Sanchez

    Ademas de caerme muy bien, las fotos de mi perro quedaron impresionantes, buena persona, flexible y talentosa no se puede pedir más!

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