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Love Stories at Home Photoshoot

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Love Stories at Home, an intimate couple photoshoot at your place. Unique memories with that person you are spending 24/7! Anniversary, birthday, bought a house, giving the shoot as a gift, whatever. Just celebrate the fact that you have someone you love and they love you. Celebrate because they give you that fuzzy feeling in your belly. Let me capture it!

  • 60min – 20 photos – 2 Outfits each

  • 90min – 40 photos – 3 Outfits each


Product Description

Book a Love Stories at Home Photoshoot and get unique memories with that person you are spending the 24/7!

If you are looking for that photographer in The Netherlands and want to capture timeless portraits at home with your partner – I’m your girl! I’ve shoot in more than 200 couples from 25 different countries. Photographing couples in their homes is my new love affair! I speak fluently English, French & Spanish, and basic Dutch!


Why you should book this Love Stories at Home Photoshoot?


The better place to document the love between a couple is their home. It is decorated with your favourite colours, plants, old antiquitis. It has photos from your recent vacation and from when you first met. You can find evidence of your favourite pastimes, such as that favourite book or your musical instrument. A couple’s home is the place that you built together, and is truly the best setting to create intimate couple memories!


When I say celebrate, I bloody mean it! Anniversary, birthday, bought a house, giving the shoot as a gift, whatever. Just celebrate the fact that you have someone you love and they love you. Celebrate because they give you that fuzzy feeling in your belly. Let me capture it!


90% of my clients never did a photoshoot before! My work is to get them used to the camera, at the end of the experience people who never took professional photos end up looking like stars! All my portfolio’s photos are from clients. Yes, they rocked it and you will too! If you are getting married in a future a couples shoot will help you know what to expect. Some people like to use their photos from their shoot for their wedding invites.


In this day and age, we’re all busy. Sometimes we realise we don’t get to spend as much time with the person we love as we’d like, or as much that we feel they deserve. Booking a Love Stories at Home is a commitment to each other to spend one hour together. No technology, no distractions, just each other. Kisses, hugs, cuddles and laughs. One thing all my clients say, is that they feel more in love than when I arrived.


You know when you see a photo of something you’ve done together and realise ‘oh shit, that was FOUR YEARS AGO’. Then you do a little panic at how quickly time is passing you by (me too). You will never be at this point in your life again. Think about when you were younger and your grandparents would let you look through their albums, think about how incredible it was to see them earlier in their lives. Think about when you’re old and grey and have no photos of you together because you they were all on your iPhone, then you upgraded and they were gone forever…


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequent questions asked of me as a professional photographer:

What are the steps for booking a Photoshoot?

First send me a message about the date and time that you would like to shoot, What type of photoshoot and Package. If we can find the perfect day for the photoshoot you will have to book the package in this page as soon as possible.

To secure your spot I recommend you to book your photoshoot 1-2 months in advance. You have to pay the full amount of online- Major credit card companies and PayPal are available. The payment is easy and secure, it will take you just 1 minute!

Cancellation Policy

The amount of the deposit is 25% of the total price of the package with a minimum of 50€. The deposit is not refundable. In the unlikely case of extreme bad weather, I will do my best to reschedule the shoot to another time slot.

Can I get a discount booking more than one photoshoot?

Yes, I offer a 15% discount of the total price booking 2 photoshoots and a 20% discount booking 3 photoshoots.

Can I use these photos to promote my business or brand?

No, these photos can only be used for your social media and private use. They cannot be used for any commercial purposes like promote your business, product, Youtube Channel etc in any social media, web page or marketing content. You can buy the Commercial Copyrights of all the photos for an extra fee to of 120€ (VAT Excluded). Commercial infringements will apply a future extra charge. Please, if you have any question just send me a message and I will be happy to help you! Thank you for your understanding.

Can I choose my favourite photos?

Yes, the next day of the photoshoot I will send you a link with lots of photos with my logo and you will can choose your favourite ones depending the package that you booked. You cannot decide selecting and you would like to buy extra photos? No worries. It is also possible to buy extra photos!

Here are the prices buying extra digital photos:

1 – 25 photos, 7 € per digital photo (VAT Excluded)

26 – 50 photos, 6 € per extra digital photo (VAT Excluded)

51 – 150 photos, 5 € per extra digital photo (VAT Excluded)

When will I receive the photos?

You will receive the photos edited after 7 days. I will send you the photos in a WeTransfer link where you will can download the photos at the highest quality.

Can I upgrade my package?

Yes! Packages can be upgraded until the day of the photoshoot. Please, contact me if this is the case. Downgrade of packages is not possible.

Can I reschedule my photoshoot?

Please, contact me as soon as possible if you want to reschedule your photo session. I will do my best to find a new time-slot for the session during your stay.

– The rescheduling is free of charge if the request is received at least 7 days prior to the photo session.

– For rescheduling 1 to 6 days prior to the session, 25€ will be added to the total price of the package.

– Rescheduling less than 48 hours prior to the session is not possible. In this case a new booking will have to be made.

What happens if we are not ready yet when you arrive home?

Please be on time, I always have more photoshoots after yours and I need to be on time for everyone.

– If you are 30 minutes late, it means 30 minutes will be discounted of your session.

What happens if it rains?

We will only shoot outside the first 15 minutes and it will be on a street  close to your home. I will take you a couple of shoots so you can start to create confidence with me! I always check the weather every week, if I see that the day of hour photoshoot is going to rain I will send you a message. When is about light rain we go ahead with the planned photoshoot, we just need an umbrella and your best smile! If the weather conditions are heavy rain, we’ll try to find another option of time if it is possible because it’s also better to have as much as natural light at your home.

What Should I wear?

I recommend you both to wear your favourite and most comfy clothes. I suggest that one should wear white or beige and the other one black. It also looks really nice both wearing jeans and a white blouse for her and a t shirt for him. You can check my Love Stories at Home Outfits. For the ladies I recommend to check makeup and hair, afterwards you will see that on the pictures.

Can I do changes of outfits?

Yes! But you must letting me know in advance. 2 changes of outfits you have to book the Love Stories at Home BasicLove Stories at Home Basic Package and for 3 outfits you have to book the Love Stories at Home Premium Package so we have plenty of time to shoot in all the different outfits. If you would like to do more changes of outfits please just let me know it, so I can do a custom quote for you.

Can you recommend a nice make-up artist and hairstylist?

Yes! I recommend you this Make-Up Artist and Hairstylist  Kaori MUA. I work often with her for Boudoir, Fashion and Portrait Photoshoots, she’s an artist! Plus she speaks fluent Spanish and English.

Can I receive the photos no edited or in RAW?

Unfortunately that’s not possible. You are hiring me because you trusted my work and you liked my photography and edition style. If I deliver the photos not edited I wouldn’t be finishing my work as an artist. I deliver all the photos edited make them look their best. Thank you so much for your understanding.

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