Best Outfits For A Boudoir Photoshoot

March 23, 2020

As a professional photographer I am often asked…

What are Best Outfits for a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Well…let me tell you there are many great items you can choose right out of your own closet. In this post you will find the Best Outfits for a Boudoir Photoshoot, inspiration, ideas, outfits & accessories!


  1. Think variety, the more variety the more photo choices you will have!
  2. Don’t just wear black lingerie…snooze…Bring color! Red is always pretty damn hot!
  3. Bring jewelry & sexy accessories (handcuffs, masks). Not every item needs to be lingerie.
  4. Buy the items that you need some weeks in advance so you can try on them to make sure they have a proper fit before your session.


If you are looking for the Best Outfits for a Boudoir Photoshoot let me tell you the truth, there is no a perfect image, and it is not for a specific type of person. You can wear anything from a wedding veil to a white bedsheet. This post will give a lot of inspiration and ideas!

“The beautiful thing about boudoir is there is no proper outfit. You just have to feel comfy and sexy on it”.


I love to start photoshoots in a cocktail dress because it can tell a story showing you in a sensual way. It is also a great to ease into the shoot if the idea of shooting in lingerie still intimidates you (which it does for most!)


Some people really love lacy lingerie, some really love casual fridays and some love both. The crop top can do wonders for your shape and it is so suggestive! Play around with ones that are loose, tight, cut out in the back and various lengths.


This is what we most commonly start off shoots with because it is playful, it gives your hands something to do, it is suggestive and there is something about pulling clothes in all different directions that is so sexy.


This is one of the most sexiest! It is so versitle. The button up shirt look has a feel of waking up late on a sunday and tossing on a favorite shirt of your partner’s. It can be tame all the way buttoned up or spicy pulling it open, taking it off, or letting it lay so it just barely covers you.


These 3 with sexy high heels can be oh so mysterious. Don’t forget to look through your coat closet. If you have a form fitting sexy coat bring it along! It’s funny but men fantasise a lot with these 3 clothes!


What every happened to corsets? I get it, you can’t breathe in them, but WOW do they look amazing in photos. They are incredible flattering on every body type and give off a subtle role play vibe that can really add to the mood of your shoot.


We have arrived at my absolute favourite lingerie to photograph. I think these are the most underratted lingerie there is. There are a million different designs for how it covers you and it is more versatile than you would think.


Matching your sets, especially if they’re colorful, says you are confident and stylish. It can be hard to style an outfit that isn’t just a bra and panties. Robes can give the idea of lounging around the house, they can be playful to slip off or can even be worn without a bra undreath to add something to the imagination.

To wear a themed outfit is definitely is less common because the line between playful and trashy is extremely thin. But it’s a great idea if you want to have different and unexpected photographs.


Stockings and fishnets…they are so sensual for pictures! Be careful not to get a size too small. This will squeeze in your thighs and they will have a harder time staying up.

Garter Belts…Nine out of ten women have no idea how to put these on. This is pretty similar to groomsmen trying to put on a tie at their friends wedding. When garter belts are paired with stockings and heels they can add a few inches to your legs.


A classic. High Heels do so many things. They make your legs look longer, tone up your calves, help your posture, and add an extralayer of sex appeal to almost any lingerie outfit. Even if casual is your thing I still recommend bringing at least one pair.

Boots are like the sexy step sister to heels. So fun, so playful. It can be a sexy pose to be pulling them on ready for a night out. You can wear them with a dress or with lingerie.


I believe that you are the most important thing in these pictures, and too many accessories can be a distraction, the best way is to keep it simple. Jewellery is something which describes your personality, its like what clothes your wear, what music you want to listen, what cars you like. Feel free to bring necklaces, bracelets, chokers or body jewellery you think would add to your photos!


Naughty accessories are one of my favourites because they “leave a little to the imagination.” You can tell a mysterious story with handcuffs or a mask in your pictures. Glasses are a fun little accessory. Nerds are sexy and it can be a fun character to jump into for a few pictures.

A white sheet is usually the final “outfit” and it ends the album with a bang.

I hope you have enjoyed to read all my ideas about outfits and accessories for your Boudoir Photoshoot. The trick is to bring as much variety as possible so you will have different and mysterious photographs.

Let me know your thoughts about the post and feel free to write me in the comments, I’m always open to new ideas!

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