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Professional Photographer in the Netherlands & Worldwide


Discover my story

My passion about photography, filmmaking & storytelling started the day that I was celebrating one of my best friend’s birthday. We were exploring the forest and I started to film with my mobile. It was a silly short movie but when I came back I was more satisfied than never in my life, I love the adrenaline about to get out of my comfort zone and create.

In 2011, I started a blog about my feelings, thoughts, stories that happened and stories that I created myself and I loved to publish my texts with emotional pictures and I discovered conceptual photography. It was art for my eyes and I’m still obsessed about it! 

Since that I wished to have a camera and create, but unfortunately my father didn’t support me on this, his words were that “I was crazy, that I wasn’t gonna know how to use that type of camera, and that the camera after a few weeks was gonna have dust because of don’t use it”.

And he was right, I was crazy about my passions, photography & filmmaking. 

Thank you so much for your hurtful words dad, because since that day I became a fighter for my dreams, I became an inconformist person. That unforgettable phrase made me be who I am today, a professional full-time photographer. I am proud to live from my passion. I love to feel the adrenaline every time I shoot!

Are you looking for a Professional Photographer in the Netherlands & available Worldwide?

I am specialized in Lifestyle Portraits, Boudoir and Commercial Photography. Check my portfolio & Contact me![/whizz_info_block][/vc_column][/vc_row]