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Tulips Fields Photography and bike in Lisse

Where to see Tulip fields in the Netherlands

Spring is an ideal time to visit The Netherlands!

If you’re wondering where to see tulip fields in The Netherlands, you’ve come to the right place! With more than two years of living in Amsterdam, visiting hundreds of tulip fields, and speaking with tulip farmers in person, I have a good idea of how to experience stunning tulip fields in The Netherlands. Check out this post to learn how to take gorgeous tulip photos in the spring.

“Biking beside the Dutch tulip fields is just amazing during springtime!
A Tulip Fields Photoshoot in The Netherlands is a must if you are coming in springtime”.

When I offered this photo experience last year, all of my guests described it as an amazing experience. Wondering why? In the first place, they got to see beautiful tulip fields while I snapped stunning pictures!  The Tulip Fields photo experience is only available in April and May and there are limited spots!

Certainly, it is a wonderful experience to discover Amsterdam in spring. In April, the Netherlands is usually warmer and less rainy, and you’ll find tulips in bloom in some areas.

Where to see tulip fields in The Netherlands?

Below we have listed some of our recommendations for where to see tulip fields in The Netherlands, as well as some tips on how to take care of the tulip fields.


Different parts of the Netherlands, such as West Friesland, have tulip fields. The area lies between Hoorn, Enkhuizen, and Medemblik. Bulbs are most abundant in the upper northern part of Noord Holland, roughly between Den Oever, Den Helder, and Schagen. 


Take note of these villages if you want to see tulip fields in the Netherlands near Amsterdam! The area around Lisse and Noordwijkerhout is my favorite. On the other hand, I don’t recommend going to the Lisse tulips fields, since they’re mostly surrounded by canals. Located nearby is Keukenhof, the world’s famous tulip garden. In that region, farmers protect their fields with fences to prevent tourists from damaging them. We must remember that their Tulips are their livelihood.

Tulip Fields are a private property!

In the Netherlands, you can find tulip fields in a few different ways. However, the best way to find tulip fields is to speak to a tulip farmer and ask to enter their field. Here’s why I like this method for taking tulip field pictures:

  1. In Holland, there are a lot of tulip fields with gates or moats around them, so if you drive or bike around looking for tulip fields, your chances are slim-to-none of taking pictures inside. If you talk to a farmer in advance, you have a 100% chance of getting into a field.
  2. Tulip fields have barriers or canals around them, so you can take photos from the outside, but not inside. Working with a farmer gives you access to the field, so you can get that Instagram-worthy shot.
  3. Since you’ve got permission, you’re not going to get kicked off the tulip field. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to get the perfect photo.
  4. The main reason why you need permission is that tulip fields are farmers’ livelihoods! It’s their jobs that feed them and give them a roof over their heads. If you go into a field without permission, you may damage the flowers they plan to sell, or worse, ruin the entire field of flowers and bulbs.

Keukenhof Gardens

Another way is to visit the Keukenhof Gardens and see the tulip fields. You will need to purchase a ticket in order to do this. More than 7 million flower bulbs are planted by hand in the autumn to bloom in the spring. You can find 800 different tulips there. It is an unforgettable experience to do in the Netherlands in spring. 

When is the best time to go to the tulip park?

As the flower bulbs are planted in different layers in the park, the flower park is beautiful every day during the season. During the year, there are three distinct flowering periods:

First period

The park will be full of flowers from the time of opening. At the time of the opening, there will be many tulips blooming indoors. Outside, daffodils and crocuses will be blooming.

Second period

It’s time for the hyacinths and the early tulips to bloom in the outdoor gardens after the daffodils and crocuses bloomed. Colors are still amazing at the indoor flower shows.

Third period

Tulips will bloom in the outdoor gardens. Trees will still be green and the indoor flower shows will still display gorgeous blooms.

Goodbye, google maps! Let’s explore, relax and enjoy!

Get ready to say goodbye to your google maps, and just explore, relax, and enjoy with me! Every year I take a secret route where farmers let me shoot in tulip fields. Following my instructions, we can keep the tulip fields safe and shoot without harming the farmers.


“Discover The Netherlands in a way that is completely local, with a wide range of curiosities and fun facts.
Let’s go biking to the fields of tulips and smell their fragrance together as we ride.
The photo experience will leave you with unique memories you can only get in April & May”.



“Biking amongst the tulips was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The fragrance of the flowers, driving past the Dutch flowers, and being among mile stretches of colorful tulips was so surreal and one of the best biking amongst the tulips was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The fragrance of the flowers, driving past the fields of Dutch flowers, as well as being in the midst of miles and miles of colorful tulips. This experience was one of the most surreal and unforgettable I have ever had. My pictures are wonderful souvenirs that I will cherish forever, bringing back happy memories of that moment. In addition, don’t forget to bring snacks as you will probably get hungry during the event. A special thank you to Sandra for creating such a memorable experience!” 

 Katelyn, Los Angeles

Book your Tulip Fields Photoshoot!

Over the past few years, I’ve done over 50 successful tulip fields photoshoots! During my time shooting in the tulip fields, I’ve worked with couples, families, groups of friends, and bachelorette parties. As an incredibly original and surprising proposal idea, a lovely tulip fields photoshoot can also be the most perfect way to propose in The Netherlands. Do you like the idea of being the next one on the list? You are more than welcome to contact me if you are interested in planning the perfect tulip fields shoot in the Netherlands to suit your needs! 

For those of you who are curious about the Tulip Fields Photoshoot Katelyn did. Please visit my testimonials page to see all the nice things people have said about us. Check out my portfolio, packages and rates and get in touch with me to schedule your Tulip Fields & Bike tour photo session.

Thanks for taking the time to read about the tulip fields in the Netherlands. I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments on this post, please do not hesitate to share them with me. 

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