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Solo Traveler Photos in Amsterdam

You have arrived at Amsterdam, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Taking Selfies is not flattering and asking strangers to take you Solo Traveler Photos in Amsterdam is awkward. On top of that, most of the time the photos they take are not very good or even cropped.

This city is so beautiful and photogenic that if you’d like to get the most out of your trip here, it’s worth looking into hiring a professional photographer. With over six years of experience in this field as an Amsterdam Photographer, I am able to share my expertise. One of the reasons I chose to stay in this beautiful city is because I am madly in love with Amsterdam. Furthermore, I was able to live my passion by capturing people’s raw emotions with my camera. Every day the adrenaline rush of meeting new people around the world is what I enjoy most.

Why you should hire a professional photographer to take you solo traveler photos in Amsterdam?

As a Spanish photographer living in Amsterdam, I am intimately familiar with how it feels to feel overwhelmed when you find yourself lost in a foreign city like Amsterdam. 

In the sea of tourists or crazy people bicycling through the streets… The sight of a friendly face, especially one that comes from someone who has some local knowledge, is truly welcome. I really enjoy getting to know the locals when I travel.

As a local photographer, I’d be happy to give you recommendations regarding hidden gems where we can shoot, as well as restaurants and things to see and do in Amsterdam! My goal is to make you fall in love with this beautiful city as I did and to make sure that you make the most of it! Let me show you unique locations and take your vacation Solo traveler photos in Amsterdam!

There are times when traveling alone is the best choice and a great way to see the world; you can plan your own itinerary and make decisions whenever and however you wish. 

In terms of traveling solo, the biggest challenge is capturing yourself in a photo. Here I come into play, I will be there with you on a private photoshoot and guided tour around Amsterdam. So far I have made more than 250 photo experiences for solo travellers.

It is my goal to create a tailored-made unique solo traveller photoshoot for you and to capture your adventure with beautiful and emotional images of it that will remind you of your trip!

Discover Amsterdam with a local photographer and tour guide

Are you looking for that local friend to capture the best parts of your adventures in beautiful timeless portraits? I’m your girl! On my photo shoots in Amsterdam, I have accompanied more than 850 people from 85 different countries. Additionally, I speak native Spanish, fluent English, basic French, and Dutch as well!

There is nothing better than dressing up and visiting the cutest streets and my favourite hidden gems of the city. During our photo session, I will give you as much guidance and candid posing techniques as needed, therefore, there will be a lot of laughter. If you are visiting or in Amsterdam right now and you want priceless memories, yours forever.

“My pleasure will be in sharing with you the beauty and spirit of Amsterdam, the city I call home, and capturing your journey through the city, your feelings, passions and emotions”.

Sandra Herrero Photography
Photoshoot in Amsterdam

Book your Solo Traveler Session in Amsterdam today!

For me, every photoshoot is unique. As your Amsterdam Photographer, I’m dedicated to delivering the best quality and a great experience. Let me capture your candid and emotional moments. My promise to you is that your Solo Traveler Photoshoot in Amsterdam will be one of the most memorable experiences of your time in Amsterdam!

Would you like to learn more about my photoshoots in Amsterdam? See all the nice things our clients have said about us in my testimonials page. See my portfolio, rates and packages, and contact me to schedule your photoshoot.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Solo Traveler Photos in Amsterdam post. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Do not hesitate to leave a comment!


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