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Professional Profile Photographer for Social Dating Apps

Professional Profile Photographer for Social Dating Apps

It is important to be cautious when choosing professional profile photographer for social dating apps. Only a small percentage of photographers specialize in this field in The Netherlands. The ones that do it regularly and full-time have the approach and understanding of how dating apps actually work.

There are some portrait and lifestyle photographers who claim to specialize in dating photos, but who lack experience with online dating themselves. Majority do not know much about dating apps online. Others have not closely followed all the dating apps on the market in order to be able to answer all your questions.

Why should you hire a Professional Profile Photographer for Social Dating Apps?

The majority of portrait and lifestyle photographers don’t know how to take the right photos for dating profiles. These photos tend to be too stiff and staged. Typically, they are more concerned with getting perfect portraits, to much posed photos, and narcissistic photos than they are with capturing personality, uniqueness, candidness, and authenticity.

Most photographers don’t consider your age, lifestyle, wardrobe, or dating history when understanding you. The majority of photographers use boring environments without context, details or candid pictures taken at bars, cafes, landmarks, etc.

Is it worth it to hire a photographer for online dating photos?

Professional Profile Photos for Social Dating Apps are a unique style that requires patience, knowledge of the dating app, knowledge of the location, knowledge of the characters you are trying to attract, and knowledge of wardrobe styling, among other things.

If you hire only a lifestyle photographer, not a specialist in online dating photography, you will receive staged and stiff photos. You will look like you paid someone to take boring, cliche pictures of you. I receive some business from clients who hired cheaper photographers and who ended up having no success at all with their new photos. Other photographers’ work often lacks location, activities, and conversation starters (all of which should be part of a dating profile).

Are selfies appropriate for dating photos?

It is not recommended to take selfies for a variety of reasons (distortion due to proximity, lack of social validation, unflattering backgrounds, and bad expressions). When creating your dating profile, I always recommend uploading some selfies of yourself outdoors, on vacation, doing your hobby or favorite sport, or with your pet. However, I do not recommend taking a selfie in the mirror, bathroom, bedroom or hallway. Using a timer, taking photos from a distance, or making use of good lighting can all help.

Why should you hire me as your Professional Profile Photos on your Social Dating Apps in the Netherlands?

Throughout my years of experience, I have worked with a variety of clients. CEOs, shy folks, those with anxiety, tech geeks, engineers, widows, recently divorced, gay, bisexual, straight men and women, in addition to those who are new to online dating. 

As a Spanish expat in The Netherlands, I can say that my online dating experience has been quite successful. Thanks to Tinder, I am currently in a healthy and long-term relationship with the cutest boyfriend. I’ve experience myself multiple dating apps in Amsterdam.

Inspired by the movie Hitch I started taking Professional Profile Photos for Social Dating Apps. My goal is to make a difference in the field on an individual level and help those who are having difficulties revealing their true selves.

I am aware of no other photographer (except myself) who asks to see existing photos so they can figure out how to complement what you already have. Understand your appearance, tendencies, or suggest using some already existing photos.

Your dating profile can be ruined by inappropriate messaging, a boring photo, a poor bio, or the wrong app choice. Make sure that doesn’t happen! It’s time to level up your online dating photos and bio, and I’m here to help!

How do I book my Professional Profile Photoshoot for Social Dating Apps? What are the next steps?

A professional dating app photography session begins with your inquiry. Please let me know when and where you would like photos taken, as well as what characteristics you are looking for. Depending on how many outfits and number of locations you wish to shoot. Afterwards, you can proceed to book your desired package for your photoshoot. Then, we will schedule your photoshoot and provide you with locations and clothing recommendations. Consider the type of person you are and how you would like to be represented in images. In this way, I can come up with the most suitable location. I will also send you a locations booklet and clothing recommendations.

Visit the testimonials page to see all the kind words received from our clients. Learn more about the different packages and pricing and kind words from clients. Please, get in touch with me to arrange your photoshoot. It will be a pleasure to meet you and I’m sure you’ll walk away with a great collection of photos!

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