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Photographer to hire in Amsterdam

How to find your Amsterdam Photograher

You are on the right place if you’re coming to Amsterdam and want a professional English-speaking Amsterdam photographer. We will be happy to capture precious memories of you as a solo-traveller, couple, family, bachelorette party, surprise marriage proposal, wedding, elopement or boudoir.

We understand that it can be challenging to identify, evaluate, and hire the right Amsterdam photographer from a faraway… and that’s why we created this guide to help you make confident decisions.

Sandra Herrero Photography



You see, Amsterdam photo shoots are all about choices, such as…

  • When’s the best season to have your Amsterdam photoshoot?
  • Should I start at sunrise, twilight, or go for a combination?
  • How many hours of photography coverage do I really need?
  • How should I dress? Where can I change outfits?
  • What are the best locations to shoot Amsterdam vibes?
  • Should I buy a bucket of tulips?
  • And, of course, how do I book an Amsterdam photographer I trust to show up on time, make things fun, and deliver extraordinary photos that transcend the snapshot?

As you might imagine, Amsterdam photographers are not created equal. Hire the right artist, and you’re well on your way to delightfully enhancing your Amsterdam photo experience with abundant joy, heaps of love, and precious memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

And while it may sound cliché, you only get one shot at booking a Amsterdam photographer who is fun, energizes you and really cares about your experience.

If you feel a little overwhelmed, you’re not alone. After all, you’re about to invest real time, love, and money into your Amsterdam photoshoot. Then again, just by reading this guide, you’re already ahead of the game… as long as you put our proven tips to work.

What makes an Amsterdam photographer truly exceptional?

Simply put, an extraordinary Amsterdam photographer is passionate about photographing relative strangers, encourages you to leave self-consciousness at the door, provides irresistible value, and has the creative talent to make ordinary people look and feel extraordinary.

There’s more of course: your experienced Amsterdam photographer knows the best Amsterdam locations for photos, is responsive, transparent and communicates fluent in English, which prepares you well for your photoshoot, inspires you to connect naturally, and consistently captures amazing photos.

An open letter to you …

At Sandra Herrero Photography, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. But we do take your experience seriously and here’s our promise: we’ll show you the City of Lights in a way you never imagined possible while exceeding your lofty expectations with a super-fun Amsterdam photoshoot custom-tailored to you. We speak fluent english, french, spanish and speaks basic dutch.

Our clients typically invest real time, resources, and energy into preparing for their Amsterdam photoshoot. They understand that preparation can make a big difference; they also appreciate that their Amsterdam photographer—for better or worse—wields great influence over the flow of their photo session and, by extension, the way they’ll remember Amsterdam.

As a result, our interests are in harmony. We want to have fun and get amazing photographs… and so do you. We will create a Pinterest inspiration board for you and you will provide your feedback. In turn, it gives you an opportunity to manage expectations and tell us about your favorite Amsterdam locations, poses, props, and other shoot-related ideas.

One thing’s for certain: whether our couples embrace the cliché or not, they don’t want their photos to look like everyone else’s.

Think about it … you’re unique and so is the love you share with your significant other. Why then should you be satisfied with ordinary photos?

The solution? Hire an Amsterdam photographer who will not only take you to the same places and ask you to do the same poses. Sounds simple, right? Well, you’d be surprised how few artists actually take the time to care.

Keep in mind that photographers are creatures of habit: we’re naturally drawn to do what’s worked well in the past—similar locations, perspectives, poses, time of the day … but that’s missing an amazing opportunity—for you and for us!

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