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Night Photography Session in Amsterdam

The first night photography session in Amsterdam was with a friend. We both had a pleasant experience and we came up with some great pictures. Seeing that many people liked these photos, I decided to add this photoshoot to my photo experiences. I offer a tailor-made route with all the best spots for shooting at night in Amsterdam. Since that time, I have done more than 100 Night Photography Sessions in Amsterdam. There are various types of clients who have booked me, such as solo travelers, couples, families, and groups of friends.

My favorite part about being a photographer is being able to use the colours of the lights in Amsterdam at night to light up my subjects. It’s a difficult kind of challenge, but one that is so rewarding once it is pulled off right and is used for outstanding portraits. Many people contact me these days specifically to book at night, either because they found my website or my Instagram account.

Bring home unforgettable night photos from Amsterdam

By day, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, but by night, when the sun goes down, the magic really begins to happen. There is nothing better than taking some night pictures in Amsterdam, a city that never sleeps. There is no doubt that you will fall in love with the colorful lights reflected in her canals and her stunning architecture. 

“Amsterdam is the fourth safest city in the world. You can walk around at night or in the Red Light District without worrying.”.

Taking part in a Night Photoshoot in Amsterdam is one of the best photo experiences that you can have. The question is, why? To begin with, it isn’t just a photoshoot. During your Night Photography Session in Amsterdam with a local photographer, you’ll discover hidden gems of Amsterdam’s Red Light District, as well as fun facts about the city’s nightlife.

Experience Amsterdam Nightlife in a fun way

My guests have told me that they never imagined they would have so much fun on their Amsterdam trip. Red Neon Lights, the cool Amsterdam streets, and the metro were some of the places they loved to shoot. Majority also said that the Night Photography Session in Amsterdam was a highlight of their trip and they enjoyed exploring Amsterdam from a totally different perspective!

“This tour will allow you to experience Amsterdam in a different, local way. You’ll feel the city flowing through your veins.”

Book your Night Photography Session in Amsterdam today!

Nothing is more frustrating than getting lost and needing to use Google maps while on vacation. The best way to enjoy Amsterdam Night is to get lost with a local photographer. I promise that this Night Photography Session in Amsterdam will be one of your most memorable experiences in Amsterdam!

Interested in learning more about a Night Photography Session in Amsterdam? To read all the kind words received from our clients, please visit my testimonials page. Check out my portfolio, packages, and rates and contact me to schedule your photo shoot.

Thank you for reading about my Night Photography Session in Amsterdam. I hope you enjoyed it. Please do not hesitate to share your comments on this post. 

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