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Boudoir & Glamour Photoshoot in Utrecht

Glamour & Boudoir Photoshoot in Utrecht

When was the last time you really felt good in your own skin? Had some moments just for yourself? Looked at your very own portraits and was amazed by the way you looked? Enjoy a Boudoir & Glamour Photoshoot in Utrecht or in The Netherlands with Sandra Herrero Photography.

It’s time to feel pampered by a luxury experience you’ll never forget. As my clients say, it is more than just photos (although they usually turn out pretty amazing) but the celebration of being happy with who you are and glowing inside out.

Enjoy a Glamour & Boudoir Photoshoot Experience

If you’re considering a boudoir shoot, you might be wondering:

“I know I’m going to love the boudoir shoot experience, but what should I do with the photos afterward?”

Have you thought about hanging your boudoir photos on the wall? Creating wall art from your boudoir shoot will allow you to enjoy your fabulous photos every single day. Many women create wall art from their boudoir photos as a constant positive reminder of their strength and beauty.

The following Glamour & Boudoir Photoshoot was in Utrecht. The main goals for the client were to feel empowered with the shoot and also to hang up her favourite sensual photo in a large wall art for the living room as an artistic decoration piece!

Some reasons to do a Boudoir & Glamour Photoshoot:

  • Unique gift
  • Special milestone celebration 
  • Self esteem boost
  • Rediscovering you femininity 
  • Art frames for the wall
Boudoir & Glamour Photos Wall Art Home Decoration

What if i don’t have a perfect body?

Every body is a work of art and unique in its own way. My clients are not models, which mean they are a natural woman, just like you are. Trough the correct posing we are going to highlight every aspect of your beauty and body parts that you are most proud of. I put on your favourite music and direct you every step of the way, making sure that you are comfortable.

What kind of lingerie should I wear? 

You should bring favourite lingerie, robes and other details that make you feel great. For Glamour & Boudoir Photoshoots is always important to prepare the colour outfits following a colour palette in synthony with the location. As final result the colour composition looks nicer. In this case, the Hotel Beijers bedroom´s walls were pink and the windows burgundy that’s why the client was wearing black, burgundy and nude pink lingerie outfits.

Photos immortalize that moment in time, that split second that will no longer be with us. Only the photo is the proof that that day existed and we lived it. So memories are not only priceless; they tell the story of our life. This is the perfect experience to practise self-love and have unique memories of your body.

Check the packages and prices for this fantastic Boudoir & Glamour Photoshoot .

Tailored to your needs, can be enjoyed at your home or at a beautiful location in the Netherlands!

Do not hesitate to Contact me for availability and questions!

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