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Couple Photo Session with dog in Amsterdam

Couple Photo Session with dog in Amsterdam

Janine and her husband, a cute couple who live in Hoofddorp booked me for a spontaneous Couple Photo Session with their dog in Amsterdam. Their goal was to print some high quality photos for their living room and of course, memorise happy moments with their new family member, Skyla, a beautiful Shiba Inu.

Normally working with children and animals is considered one of the most difficult. Attention, patience and professionalism will be needed. But Skyla proved to be a great model! She happily posed with this cute couple and enjoyed throughout the walk because it was her first time exploring Amsterdam.

The photoshoot took place at my favourite spots in Joordan, one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, characterised by docks, beautiful bridges full of flowers and dutch houses as backgrounds.

Enjoy a Couple Photo Session with your dog in Amsterdam!

Does your pet have any particular personality traits you would like me to try to capture? Perhaps you would like to be in a few of the photographs? I LOVE capturing the relationship between owners and their dogs and often find these end up being the most heart-warming images I provide.  I generally recommend you are in a few.  You will thank me for it afterwards!! 

Couple Photo Session with dog in Amsterdam

Why you should book this Couple Photo Session with your dog in Amsterdam?


3 simple steps to portraits you’ll love



Individualised attention to learn more about your dog, family, and portrait goals. I always send to my clients a pdf with locations options in the Netherlands for their shoot and wardrobe to match your family’s personality.


A relaxed portrait experience with plenty of time for fun and laughter. I’ll guide you through posed and candid moments to capture you looking your best!


Choosing your favorite images might be the hardest part! I’ll do a professional retouch so you can design the perfect artwork for your home.

My dog isn’t very obedient. Will we be able to get good photos?

Don’t worry! Training isn’t required to achieve great images. I have worked with a variety of different dog personalities – patience, space, treats, noises, and toys go a long way towards turning your pet into a supermodel! Most of the dogs featured on my website were photographed with leashes on. If the leash distracts from the image, many times it can be removed in post-processing.

Please feel free to chat any of your ideas through with me before hand – this is what I’m here for and I promise you it will make all the difference.

This is the perfect gift for people who really love their pets. Book now this fantastic Couple photoshoot with your pet in Amsterdam or at your favourite place in the Netherlands!

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