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Romantic Couple Photoshoot Amsterdam

Couple Photo Session at Home in Amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I did my first “Couple Photo Session at Home” in Amsterdam. A brand new photo experience that I have wanted to do for a long time now.

We are also at the perfect moment to take these photos now that we are living in Corona times and both of you spend most of your time at home these days. During the experience, I will be wearing a mask and making sure that I follow the measurements established so that we enjoy it safely!

“Love Stories at Home is a fun couple photoshoot at your home with a professional Amsterdam photographer. Create unique intimate memories with that person you are spending 24/7”.

Sandra Herrero Photography
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Couple Photo Session at Home in Amsterdam

The couple’s love story

My favorite couples are international ones and this one was so cute! This is the story of Quentin a Frenchman and Palmira a Spanish woman. It all started when they met on Tinder three years ago.

Since they had lived together for so long, they decided that a “Love Stories Couple Photoshoot at Home” would be a nice idea about their daily life and love in Corona Times. It made me really happy to have been chosen by them to be their photographer in Amsterdam, because this couple was totally crazy in love!

Where can we take your couple photos?

1. Let’s go for a walk in your neighborhood

We started the couple session with a 30-minute walk through Vondelpark, Amsterdam’s largest park, which provided a relaxing atmosphere for the couple! It is always best to have the first contact with my guests in an open space. When people shoot with me for the first time, they feel relaxed and are more comfortable shooting with me.

As we live in The Netherlands, I always advise my guests to bring their bikes as an additional prop for their couple photos. It looks fun and candid to take some photos of them riding so we add the “dutch-living vibe” to the photoshoot.

It’s all about the genuine, candid, fun, teasing, and weird love you have.

Sandra Herrero Photography

2. Now is the time to shoot your love stories at home!

It took us 30 minutes to explore, shoot and bike around the park before we reached their home. Located close to the Vondelpark, Palmira & Quentin live in a house full of personality, filled with plants, vintage and secondhand furniture and decor. Upon entering their house, I immediately fell in love with it!


‘Love Stories at Home’ reflects your daily life with that special person who can make your heart beat faster, who can make you mad sometimes, but always makes your days full of cuddles, hugs, kisses, and love.

When I work with my couples, I like to give them a lot of freedom while guiding them and giving them ideas regarding what they can do. In order to capture an unique Love Story, it’s essential to take photographs in different parts of the house where the couple spends a lot of time together. We chose the living room, balcony, and the kitchen as our backdrops!

Daily life moments are a perfect opportunity for raw and spontaneous feelings

As we were shooting in the balcony, we came up with an amazing idea to open a bottle of wine and toast the success of the shoot. The couple did cheers and exchanged sweet wine kisses. Then the couple went from the balcony to the kitchen with their glasses of wine. Quentin began to cook their lunch, and Palmira continued to hug and tease him while he cooked.

There was no doubt in my mind that this couple photo session was one of my favorites. The location of the photos was obviously an essential factor for the success of the pictures. But the natural and spontaneous love of the couple contributed greatly to the success of the pictures!

My aim is to capture the intimate moments of your daily life together through my photos”.

Sandra Herrero Photography

Book your Couple Photo Session at Home in Amsterdam today!

To me, each and every photoshoot is an experience of its own. My goal as your Amsterdam Photographer is to provide you with the best quality and a great photography experience. Let me capture the candid and emotional moments of your life with my camera. My promise to you is that this Couple Photo Session at Home in Amsterdam will provide you with memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

You may be interested in learning more about my Photoshoots in Amsterdam? You can read all the kind words received from our clients by visiting my testimonials page. Look through my portfolio, rates and packages and contact me if you are interested in scheduling a photoshoot.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my Romantic Couple Photos in Amsterdam post. If you enjoyed reading it, I’d appreciate any feedback you may have on this post!

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