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Best 15 Locations for Photos in Amsterdam

The city of Amsterdam is a truly incredible destination with something to offer around every corner where you turn. There is so much to explore in Amsterdam, from dutch architecture, cute bridges, docks with breath-taking canal views, and the entire city full of bikes to the stunning tulip fields in April, it truly is a photographer’s paradise. Get inspired by this curated list of the Best 15 Locations for Photos in Amsterdam!

I have been living in Amsterdam for several years and I still think it is one of my favorite cities, it has something very unique that makes you want to stay! 

Sandra Herrero Photography

Best 15 Locations for Photos in Amsterdam

1. The “Damrak Houses” or the “Dancing Houses”

From the Best 15 Locations for Photos in Amsterdam, this is my favorite spot for taking photographs! The Damrak houses are located just three minutes walk away from the Amsterdam Central Station. On the other side of the canal, it offers a beautiful view of these colourful, crooked houses. There are so many opportunities to take photos here. It is definitely worth stopping by on your way to visit Damsquare, the main square in the city, on your way to visit.

Sandra’s Photography Tip: I enjoy taking photos of birds flying around and capturing them in my images. It gives the photos a sense of freedom as the city is itself. If you can catch some of them, it would make your photos more interesting.

2. The giant bike parking, “A sea of bicycles”

The spot is not really known to many tourists. The place is more well known by locals who are trying to find their bikes among a sea of bicycles! Located next to Amsterdam Central Station, you would have never thought about taking pictures here because it is one of the biggest bike parking lots in Amsterdam, so yes, it is literally full of hundreds of bikes. You cannot miss this at all if you would like to see the city a little bit from the heights and make some creative photographs while you are there! I love the variety of views from here, the beautiful Amsterdam houses, the station, and my favorite, The Basilica of Saint Nicholas!

Sandra’s Photography Tip: Wear hats, foulards, or dresses when taking photographs at this location. They will be a great addition to your inspiration for taking pictures during your trip to Amsterdam!

3. Jordaan District

Make sure you don’t miss Jordaan District on your next trip to Amsterdam! It is located just 5 minutes walking distance from Central Station. The area is usually less crowded with tourists than other parts of the city. And that’s not all. It has beautiful canals and streets lined with old houses, docks, cute little bridges, indie boutiques and trendy residential neighbourhoods. One of the best features of this area is the houseboats. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amsterdam so naturally, you will find something beautiful around every corner. It is also here in the Jordaan district where Anne Frank’s house can be found.

Sandra’s Photography Tip: During your visit to this location, you can take photographs at a variety of spots including docks with beautiful views, cute little bridges, old Dutch century houses and dutch stairs. Springtime is the best time of year to take some photos of facades of buildings that have full bloomed roses or wisterias.

Choosing to always be in front of the camera can become a little boring when taking travel pictures. You will find plenty canals, bridges, and docks in Amsterdam where you can sit down and appear in the photo while enjoying the views of the city. In my photography I always like to tell a story with the camera; it holds the key to telling the story.

Romantic Couple Photoshoot Amsterdam | Amsterdam Photographer

4. Neigen Straatjes or The 9 Streets

One of the most scenic places in the Nine Streets neighborhood is the canal district with its quaint shops, exquisite homes, and charming cafés. Prinsengracht, Keizersgracht, and Herengracht are the best canals to take pictures and walk around on. These are the city’s most expensive neighbors to live in.

Sandra’s Photography Tip: Get inspired by the styles of Murad Osman, for example, walking while holding hands and exploring the streets of Amsterdam.

5. The Red Light District

If you’re thinking about visiting the Red Light District, the best time to do it is in the evening. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing the red & purple lights reflecting in the canal. However no one talks about visiting the Red Light District Area during the daylight hours; believe me, you cannot miss it. Here you will find plenty of hidden streets and cute buildings. This is probably one of the most safe streets in Amsterdam at any time of the day, so go take some cool pictures! Make sure that you never take photos in front of a woman’s window, so you can respect the lady’s privacy as a sexworker, and she won’t get mad at you!

Sandra’s Photography Tip: Try to find a cafe or terrace that has a lovely view of the water. It is a beautiful experience and also a great way to capture an Instagram photo! One of my favorite cafe terraces is in Armbrug.

6. Rokin Area

Rokin Area is between Damsquare and The Bloemenmarkt, the floating Flower Market. This is a really cute Instagrammable place for photos, if your passion is to travel there you will have a nice background full of countries flags, boats and dutch houses. In this street you will also find The equestrian statue of Queen Wilhelmina.

Sandra’s photography tip: bring props! A bouquet of tulips and a map will help you to create inspirational photos about your trip in Amsterdam!

If you are looking for that local friend and want to capture some of your excellent adventure in beautiful timeless portraits – I’m your girl! I’ve accompanied more than 850 solo travellers, couples, families and friend from 75 different countries on my photo shoots in Amsterdam. I can also speak fluently English, French & Spanish, and soon Dutch!

There is nothing more fun than dressing up and visiting the cutest streets and my favourite hidden gems.  I’ll give you as much direction and posing prompts as needed, consequently, there will be a lot of laughing. If you are visiting or in Amsterdam right now and want Priceless memories, yours forever. 

Did you find helpful this Top Instagrammable Locations in Amsterdam post? Please let me know your comment and tips! Feel free to pin it!

7. The Seven Bridges

8. Magere Brug

9. Groensburgwal

10. Rijksmuseum

12. Wake me up

13. The Zevenlanden huizen


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